No matter the damage, Master Leveling has experience to make quality repairs that will restore the structural integrity of your home.  Martin Tellez of Master Leveling has been repairing foundations in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas in excess of thirty years.  Master Leveling is fully licensed, bonded, insured, and we offer service unparalleled in South Texas.  

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The only way to determine how much your pier and beam foundation repair will cost is to contact the professionals of Master Leveling, (210) 533-7347. We offer a free estimate, during which our team will thoroughly inspect the condition of your foundation and provide you with
answers to your specific questions.


In general terms pier and beam foundation repairs can cost as little as $1,500 for the placement of ¼” steel shims in order to stabilize girder beams, to in excess of $10,000 if the installation/repair of concrete piers is required.  What we can assure you is, when we are done, your foundation will be thoroughly supported and properly stabilized. 


What are the advantages of pier and beam foundations?


In most instances, a modern pier and beam foundation is an elevated wooden foundation, which rests on concrete piers, approximately 18-24” above ground level.  In years past (generally before 1960) the elevated wooden foundation would have rested on cedar posts or even tree stumps.  The ‘crawl space’ created between the ground and the elevated wooden frame creates easy access for electrical and plumbing hardware, which can be viewed as an advantage over concrete slab foundations.


What are the disadvantages inherent to pier and beam foundations?


Pier and beam foundations often retain moisture, which causes the development of mildew, and an overall degradation of the wood beams.  As a result, proper ventilation of the crawl spaces is absolutely critical to ensure the structural integrity of your home.  In addition to the weather elements, pier and beam foundations can be plagued by rodents and termites.  While fairly common in Southern Texas, pier and beam foundations are much more prevalent in northern states where the ground remains frozen for much of the year.


Depending on the condition of the wooden beams and the number of piers required to stabilize the structure, the cost from project to project can vary greatly.  To assure you have received an accurate assessment of your repair costs, please contact Martin Tellez of Master Leveling for a free estimate by calling, (210) 533-7347.


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